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Protector of the Sea

Friday, June 08, 2007

Greetings From Michigan!

Sorry I had to. Anyways, we drove to Grand Rapids, Michigan and stayed with Shawn and Emily Kruger who are probably the nicest people ever and live in the cutest house you have ever seen.

Before our show, we walked around and ate good food. I spend almost 6 dollars on the best chocolate pudding ever (worth it!). On our way to lunch, we saw a station wagon that had been converted in Luke Sykwalker's X-Wing, R2-D2 and all! We then drove to Millennium Park where Erik decided to get a little Asian on us. Luckily for everyone out there, I capture it on film (well a scan disk really).
At the DAAC, someone carved "Gilmore Girls" into the merch table. How timely. After the show, we hung out at Pub 43 where Skylar acted out Prince's hand moves in "I Would Die 4 U." God I love this town!


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