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Protector of the Sea

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

tour tour tour

Disclaimer - there are no pictures for this post. I will update with photos as soon as I can.

We are on day 5 of our East Coast tour. We are at our friend's Shelly's apartment. Bibb and Ryan and are in Manhattan. Tour has been great so far. We got paid for the first time in New York. A lot of our friends from college now live here and showed up last night.

The night before we played in Philly. My BFF, Lindsey, and I were telling this guy we liked his Daft Punk shirt. Lindsey started singing Around the World and the guy said, "You should listen to that song on whippets." I'm gonna take his word on that one.

I feel like I have more to say but my mind is going blank. We are doing a remix with the famous DJ Frequency today. Tomorrow we play in New York again with my favorite band, Arbor Day. We also have Friday off so I am planning to hit up Uniqlo and spend lots of money that I don't have.

I'll be back with pictures soon, I promise.


  • At 5:37 AM, Blogger ronnybench said…

    Break a leg! We all wish you success on your tour.
    I feel like "the Snipe" reading your blog, I need to get some proffesional help. Pat says Hey! You Rock!


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