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Protector of the Sea

Monday, December 31, 2007

Freak Out

I want to scream bad words at the top of my lungs right now!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best Fwends

Jane had a cocktail party. Luckily, I had bought a dress at Nordstrom Rack (50% off!!!) earlier in the week. We all had fun until someone played Soulja Boy for 10 minutes. You can view all the photos by clicking on the picture below!

Cocktail Party

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to Me!

I just bought myself the greatest Christmas present ever...An instant mini camera! Once I try it out I can buy film that puts Hello Kitty in the white space!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

100th Post, 100 Things

Rather than come up with just a list of my favorite albums/movies of this year, I decided to do a list of my favorite anythings of 2007. Since this is also my 100th blog post, I decided to do a list of 100 of these things. The list was intimidating at first but after I reached 100, I kept thinking of other things I wanted to add. But for wanting to go with a theme, 100 it is. I should also add that the list is in no particular order other than I may have thought of something and it reminded me of something else. When I felt like it, I added commentary on each item. ENJOY!
1) Superbad: "Fo sho."
2) Dottie
3) 30 Rock: So many good lines but a few that stand out are, "Be an American Liz, call it in," and "20 MILFs, 50 8th graders, no rules..."
4) Slaughterhouse-Five and Geek Love: While neither came out this year, I finally read them and really enjoyed them.
5) Mark Ronson: Hi. Call me. I think we'd have a lot to talk about.
6) Mark Ronson - Version
7) Dreamworld by Rilo Kiley: The only song worth anything to me on their new album.
8) Diplo's Young Folks Remix
9) Ra Ra Riot live
10) Sufjan Stevens at the Kennedy Center: Thank you Ryan!
11) Tapas from a Tapas restaurant in Baltimore (can't think of the name)
12) The Dismemberment Plan Reunion Show
13) My vintage gold boots: Bargaining at vintage stores works!
14) Visiting my grandparents in Florida (even though it was snowing when I got back)
15) My new phone
16) Shiv: Where have you been my whole life???
17) Doing a woxy.com Lounge Act
18) Playing/hangin' with Bad Flirt
19) Warehouse Vintage in Columbus
20) Uniqlo jeans
21) Mobbing Amy Sedaris in the East Village
22) Ruby Tuesday's Cauliflower Smash
23) Hanging with my 511 Roomies
24) Top Chef
25) Top Chef Specials
26) Pop Candy
27) 5 Acts
28) Jukebox the Ghost: The handclaps! The harmonies! I could talk about this band forever. I am soooo looking forward to playing many more shows together in 2008.
29)D-Listed: I don't read it as often as I used to but the writing is on point and hilarious.
30) Four Four The best blog I have ever read. Someone please get Rich a book deal so he can write a memoir about growing up in Jersey, being gay, Tyra Bank's Vajay-jay arms, and life with Winston. Also his movie and music (mostly r and b and hip hop for the indie crowd) reviews are cleverly on point.
31) Knocked Up: Helloooo Jason Segel wearing nothing after an earthquake.
32) Georgie James and the Brunettes show during CMJ at Sound Fix
33) How I Met Your Mother: I have band practice Mondays so I often miss this show but when I am home on Mondays, it is the one thing I look forward to.
34) Jim and Pam from The Office finally dating (even though I'm over it and maybe the show now)
35) Pictures from my Holga camera
36) Miranda July
37) The soundbite of Donald Trump saying "Roise has been a loser for quite sometime now" (even though I think he is wrong and a misogynist jerk).
38) The Methamphetamines
39) Shervin's Happy Accidents photobook release party
40) Top Model
41) Return to Fat Camp: To my dismay, Diane was not a main character this time around but the long-awaited sequel (at least in my family and by Four Four) definitely did not disappoint.
42) Rooney - When Did Your Heart Go Missing
43) The Soup: "See you in Harlem!"
44) Waitress: Luckily we had some leftover pie for me to eat while I watched this.
45) Kanye West's Stronger: I'm so white and predictable, I know.
46) The fact that Amy Adams is finally (almost) a household name
47) Google Chat
48) Playing Guitar Hero at Heidi's
49) Clothes from Target
50) Who Killed the Electric Car: I finally saw this and still think about it on a weekly basis. It will really change the way you think about how closely consumerism and the government are related.
51) The Con - Tegan and Sara: "Nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody."
52) Jenn Misko
53) Jenn de la Vega
54) That Party Faithful song that goes "Whoa uh oh, whoa oh oh."
55) Transformers
56) Flight of the Conchords: I would not pressure Bret into anything like that pastry chef. I would be fine just looking at him all day.
57) Amy Winehouse - Back to Black: "You goooo back to her and I goooo back tooooooooo...Us." Also Tears Dry On Their Own is a great single in the vein of Ain't No Mountain Higher.
58) Playing with Exit Clov in Ithaca
59) Our CD Release Show
60) Adam making jokes about Rooney: "Hey, let's go to the beach! Yeah!"
61) International Potluck at work
62) The Simpsons Movie
63) Being in Alternative Press
64) Having really long hair for the first time in my life
65) Seeing Joseph Gordon Levitt on Houston Street
66) Ledo Pizza opening up in Sterling
67) Hanging with Caddell and Erik in the studio: "DC Flow, I don't know."
68) Visiting Lindsey in Philly: I can't believe we watched all of that terrible movie.
69) Tacos from Zavala
70) Hanging out in TriBeca
71) Eating Tex Mex with Shervin
72) Kitchen Nightmares
73) Hanging out at the Oasis
74) Skinny jeans from PacSun: Seriously. They weren't skinny enough anywhere else. Thanks to Lissa for thinking to go there.
75) Putting out an album
76) Project Runway: There may be no Nick or Daniel or Santino but it is still one of my favs.
77) Anthony Bourdain
78) Late night french fry and milkshake runs
79) Diablo Cody: I haven't seen Juno yet but I knew I was in love when she said she bonded with her stepdaughter over Top Model.
80) Making soup on Sundays
81) Laying out at the pool
82) Getting an EZ Pass
83) Jenny Owen Youngs: She writes some of the most clever/funny folk lyrics that rival the much missed Moldy Peaches
84) Talking to Regina Spektor about fried potatoes outside of the bathroom at Trash Bar: She is shorter than me!
85) Mango milkshakes from (BRGR)
86) Eating falafel for the first time: I don't know what took me so long!
87) Getting a free appetizer at Coastal Flats with Kim
88) Getting free dessert another time at Coastal Flats with Kim
89) Window shopping at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in the East Village
90) "Pretty good."
91) Leggings from American Apparel
92) My Halloween costume: I can see why Amy Winehouse wears it every day.
93) The woxy.com CMJ Day Party at the White Rabbit
94) Andyman's Treehouse
95) Chocolate Meringue pie from Mom's Apple Pies
96) My Marc by Marc Jacobs necklaces and skull ring
97) Erik's graduation lunch
98) Marie's new house
99) Gary's tomatoes
100) Knowing that 2008 is almost here!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Two New Things

I got a dog (sorta) and a haircut. Dad called Saturday and said we could take Dottie. She is the best lazy dog ever. She is even okay when we gave her a bath. I got a haircut and I really like it.