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Protector of the Sea

Sunday, October 21, 2007

CMJ 2007 Wrap-Up

For a second, I thought about calling this the "CMJ 2007 Rap-Up" and would do my post in couplets. It is a good idea but I'm too tired for the cleverness that that would require.

So Thursday, Erik, Adam and I get into Brooklyn. Pash played a show then we headed our separate ways. I ventured to the Lower East Side with Ryan and Mandy to see Get Him, Eat Him at Arlene's Grocery. On the way there, we stopped at Piano's to see my good friend Pat. The place was packed but we got free Ritter Sport chocolate! After watching Get Him, Eat Him play, Mandy and I then freaked for a half hour about not being able to get a hold of Erik and Adam. Eventually, we found the two drunk kids back in Brooklyn and headed to Mandy's place in Queens.

After getting up very early to move the car, I went back to sleep and was awoken by Adam tapping me on the head in his underwear saying we were meeting Dave at Times Square in an hour. It was pouring. Luckily, I looked at the weather before I packed and brought a raincoat. I had planned on seeing Jukebox the Ghost and my buddy Shiv at the WOXY.com/Gothamist Day Show. Jukebox were incredible. Their cover of "What's This?" from The Nightmare Before Christmas was amazing. All the dudes in Jukebox rule and I'm stoked to be playing with them in a few weeks. It was great to see Shiv. I promised to come to Cinncinatti very soon just to hang out with him.

I eventually walked towards Piano's, sighted Joseph Gordon-Levitt (SO HOT in real life) and ended up buying some very wonderful gold boots. After watching The Meths (aka Adam and Erik) play, we made it down to Brooklyn to see Georgie James play a free show. The Brunettes were playing when we got there and they are so adorable! GJ played a wonderful set.

By then, my new boots were cutting into my ankles and we all headed to Trash Bar for free tater tots and then it was back to Queens where Dave showed us pics from Butt magazine as we got ready for bed.

Frza never called me back. JERK!

Sorry for the lack of good pictures (and my zitty face)...my camera's flash sucks a lot.


  • At 5:19 AM, Blogger ronnybench said…

    We missed you Friday. Cadd + Sarah went 700am to 930pm = 14.5. We just know that youwished you had been here. NOT!!!!


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